baby baby, why cant we just be togheter, yaiyaiya

yesterday ended as usual. rosita tried to fight and malin drank sköljmedel, and everyone was fake and happy and as jenny said, drinking of wrong reasons.
but i looked good, so whatever.

current obsession:
fjortisar ( or posh, as someone suggested as the english word, what the fuck, is vici beckham fjortis spice? emma should more likely be the one!), not eating (even though i hate fat people who says so, it is so pathetic), and the 90´s
i wish i had lived in the 90´s! or well, since i am born in the beginning of it, i did, but i was not aware of fashion, music or anything since i lived out in the country outside of Stockholm. The only thing i remember is a bloeroshiurt with spicehgirls, and there it ends, my grand days of the 1990s. so, anyone who was there who can tell me if i missed anything? i KNOW i did!

outfit of the night: 90´s baby prostitute
this is my vision of it, but maybe its to boring to be prostitutive. my mom told me i am starting to look grown up in the face. i don´t know. i want to be a BABY prostitute goddamn. not some old hag smoking yellow blend cigarettes.
with these clothes, i wore white babyspice-platforms and a short jacket with furhoodie.
tights: weekday
leopard bolero: H&M, sorry

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