dear outfit-diary

my oufit last friday: yamanba fun!
i love the japanese yamanbastyle, as i think ya already know.
its so ugly its cute! colourful clothes, flowers a la hawaii, you dont have to shower, para paradancing and happiness!
i wore my sisters big hoodie and matched my nails with my butterfly earrings!

hoodie: camden (london)
flowers: second hand, it is actually lightmanchettes, you put them around normal white luciacandles but you canput them on a hairband and tie around your arm or neck as well!
pink heart shaped glasses: beyond retro
rings: random second hand/glitter
white boots: like.. skopunkten or some boring store like that.. the childrens department anyhow. love it, so cheap! sadly they dont usually carry size 39 there though haha

2 kommentarer:

  1. haha jag älskar att du skriver på engelska för att bli känd, du kommer lätt att lyckas.. jag gillar fin blogg jättemycket

    dessutom så kommer du att bli en gudinna på engelska!

  2. emn ååååååh jag gillar inte att du skriver på engelska, så himla jobbigt ju!