pearls in the snow, where do you go

todays outfit: pearls/lace/himegyaru in the snow
it was fucking freezing today and all i had was pink leggings and some black thin socks. the lace on top of them did not warm at all! i was a bit concerned about this oufti though, it felt poofy, weird and it does not look to good to have patterned leggings and then cut of the leg with a big fat lace-thing in black.
cardigan: found in a forgotten clothes"kvarglömt"-box in school, given to sara and now borrowed.
pink assymetric shirt, pink leggings: my sister
hairband: a pearl-necklace bought second hand
tulle skirt: i made it, really really eyasy.
the key is to have A LOT of tulle. like 100 metres. i am not kidding.

fabolous small town-gossip:
today at a cafe, a sweet girl asked me if my shoes was from japan! and a few minutes later she was talking with my friend grim dunkels older brother joel from the band industri royal about grim. it was fun, i love overhearing conversations. appearntly, all grim does is playing wow and recording progressive electronica in his room. chech his myspace. he is lovely.
once, i cut his arm so deep with a razor he had to get it stitched.
but it is another funny story.

2 kommentarer:

  1. man kan ju alltid hoppas på att han umgås med sin flickvän också heheh

  2. vart har du köpt dina horserocking shoes?
    har du någon bra länk på någon internet sida där de säljer för inte allt för höga priser? vill ha so badly, asfina