reality check, why

my mother and i just had a fight. or more like, i cried and she told me why i should not. afterwards, she comes into my room again screaming something about me goin into a black hole and that i am not allowed to work anymore.
she thinks i run away from the real world when all i want to do is party, dress up, be happy and dwell in glitter and smultronwine.
my dreamworld consists of ponies, yamanbas, ben&jerrys, skinny thighs and happy nations.
so what. if it is an escape from reality, i can escape. id rather think about happy things and drift away in my head, than think of all this stress in this grey ugly snowy cold world.
i mean, i have besides from school and work a shirt-printig group which i am the leader of, i take a ladys dog out for a walk every day, i take my OWN dog out for a walk, i am moving to two new places since my parents arre divorcing, i have home assignments from school and friends who i take care of. also, i go to stockholm like every other month to party, play and have fun.. and ignore reality-umeå.
fuck reality.

the only bad thing is.
when i stop thinking about my dreamworld, reality comes smashing my face down in its concrete, and the smash is harder every time.

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  1. yeahh you can rape my couch! tack förresten :* haha jag drömde om dig och din kompis niklas inatt, helt galet! vi flydde från världens undergång vilket innebar att månen skulle krocka med jorden!