silvernails fuckers!

yesterday the situation was out of control.
my nailsituation.
they were fliking and breaking and just bitching, all of them!
isnt nails the worst thing ever when they break? not only because it hurts, but because if you make a peep about your nailsorrow, everyone would yell at you that "HEY IT IS JUST A F-ING NAIL AGNES, CHILL!!"
i think greta would understand. nail-handcream-greta. damn i miss her!

anyway. salvation was near to my nailproblem!
me and annie went to the salon and i had her doing them shorter, and with silver sparkles!
annie has got bluesparklin herself, and frida is getting pink tomorrow.
i have personally never seena nyone with this pattern on their nails, and i love it. have you? because then.. i have to kill that person. like snow whites mother, i want to be the prettiest and also, the first.
annie is the best nailtherapist i know! and so lovely to talk to. the hours fly by as we gossip in the girliest way about ELLEmagazines, mascaras and ugly volounteerboys in Umeå. I really embodie my feminine and girly silly side when i am at the nail salon.

so this is what they look like.
had to match them with my silverlashes too ofcourse, haha!

2 kommentarer:

  1. ojoj sessi tjeja, ögonfransarna ä ju breathtaking!

  2. jag förstår, jag förstår! det är det värsta som finns, det är inte bara en nagel. det är fruktansvärt.
    jag önskar att jag hade din nagelvän, hon verkar fin. och du har alltid så jävla fiiiiiina naglaaaaaar. åååååh jag dör.