where are all the turkish boys?!

(pic from umavimmel.se)

yesterday i had planned to go to the night club x3m here in umeå. it is the kind of place, that when you tell someone that you are going there, they laugh at you, big time. and asks if you are going to score some turkish boys tonight.
but it is the only place where 18yearolds can go in this small boring town, so i had to go! i simply had.

we paid, got in, hanged of our jackets and after a while we started wonder where the fuck all the turkish boys were, all we saw was grown up emos and ugly hardrockguys with sweaty long hair. and why was the walls covered in hard rock posters?

slowly, we realized that tongiht, there was no x3m, there was only the hideous COVER CLUB! da da DAAAAA!
horrible, and embarrassing. especially since cover club is the kind of place my dad would go to. hahaha. so weird.

but i had a wonderful time anyway, especially talking to frida, it made me realise how wonderful she is.

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