i dont care if it hurts
(i am quitting smoking, because it is 1 disgusting 2 unhealthy and 3 a weakness, today i tasted a nicotine gum and i can start chewing them instead. its better!)

i want to have control
(today i have rules of my food intake, it was long since. why cant i just be nice to myself? why cant we all be nice to ourselves? all i want to do is binge & purge & kill that urge PUSH UP PUSH UP DONT STOP DONT STOP)

i want a perfect body
(cut my hair today too.. or, sara did. i look like a ten year old in the front, and a goth in the back, soon i will colour. i am thinking of doing a berny)

i want a perfect soul
(well. there is a lot i need, and even more i want.
and the more i have, the more i need and want.)

5 kommentarer:

  1. keep up stop smoking!
    jag vet aldrig med dig men jag tyck du ska skippa problematiken med mat, :(
    saaaknar dig<3

  2. alltså jag får damp, hur lång är din banner alltså måtten

  3. Fast det var jag som kommenterade det.

  4. haha busfia jag ba EH VA
    vad är typiskt?