fanny and alexander

so today was the fanny and alexander-day in school.
i had expected it to be violent with child-spanking and to be real boring and long, with even more boring swedish actors.
teh spanking: check!
but not as much as i had hoped, stupid alexander only got ten rapp.
maybe we should spank our kids more, i mean, it is clever! they never speak up again and they learn their place in life.
the length of the film: yes, three hours was a lot, and my ass got treeflavour (träsmak).
but i had brought home made rice balls in japanese style, which even though malin called dorkya nd wapanesy, tasted good. they made time go by a bit faster.
stiff actors:no! haha, it was such a surprise to see a swedish movie with actually good actors in! maybe it is because it is ingmar bergman who directed the movie? or did he? did he just write the manuscript? i sure know he did not film it anyway.
helena, you know alla bout movies, please shine some light on this stupid question?
best part: the clotehs! oh how i loved the first hour, if you are going to wath it, you can skip the rest. the longe empirecut dresses, elegant art noveau interior and extravagant hats, plus the victorian sailoruniforms for the boys. adorable! and quite gothic lolita too, if you are into that!

todays christmas-report:
i have a huge craving for rice. sushi, jasmine, you name it!
oooh and rice a la malta, you know,
when you mix riceporridge with whipped cream and clementines.
really christmasy, just like fanny and alexander was. gosh i love december!
but no, lets not eat anything, all food is disgusting and fattening.
but christmas is wonderful! dont forget to watch the christmascalender 18.45 at SVT!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej där. Nej då, jag är inte plastikopererad, haha. ^^

    Trevlig blogg du har förresten. :)

  2. oh smickrad jag blev! :D ingmar är både regissör och manusförfattare till filmen. om du har tid så se smultronstället också, den är fin!