this is me hating things, damn i look cute

i hate a lot of things. but it is improtant to hate things that are meaningful to hate, you cant just goa round saying you hate stuff because you want to! you have to think before you hate. some clever things i can hate is

1 that in my school, the people studying dancing sometimes performs, on the end of termins and such, when the whole school is gathered in the aula and we havce to watch. i like dance, dont get me wrong, its juyst that every move they make is so predictable! the order goes like this:
step one: two or three people starts dancing, to some calm song or maybe a childrens/christmas carol. step two: the music changes in a superbad mixed way into some RnB and a whole bunch of dancers jumps in onto stage and everyone starts doing skanky dancehall moves instead. a bit of shaking their asses int he air and then - its over.
what i hate is thje predictableness. please, dancers at the midgård school. understand me and change! you can do it!

2 i also hate having my period. but not just that. what i truly hate is waking up with a huge hungover, stumble in to the bathroom and you feel so damn bad you could poop out the amazonas river -and you look down and realise that your panties are full of blood and gish. why? why??!

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