inner beauty is a joke. skoja!!!

listening to avril lavigne and laughing at mysef since i like it.
she was my big idol when i was in sixth grade. aww.

todays deep thought: beauty

i have come to understand a thing about myself.
my life is al about looking good, about the surface of me.
thing is, i am ok with it, why shouldnt i be? i can be shallow and still be happy.
if i have a day when my clothes are ugly and not thought through- the day is ruined.

i just wrote to a girl about this and said ironicly that if i was in an accident i would rather want my legs to be cut off instead of my face.
and i realized, that was not a joke after all!
i would rather roll around in a wheelchair my entire life and have a pretty face,
than being fuctional in my body but with a mongoface.
what would you have chosen?

2 kommentarer:

  1. you are deeply disturbed biatch! if you don't have legs you will roll around in a wheelchair your whole life and even if you have a pretty face you will get really fat and everyone is going to think that you have some kind of disorder anyway.

    what about reconstruction!?!?!?
    plastic surgery slumberparty wohoo