some inspiration comin up!
since i am a clever girl and i know myself, i also know that i get insired by a lot of things.
that is why since april i have been saving the most beautiful pictures i see on the internet in small files on my computers desktop! in that way, i have them left and when i am bored or just dont know what to wear, i look in them for answers!
here are a few pics, some of the best.

ah, the glory of having a bad memory! i have totally forgotten which movie this is from, alfie? i want to be that girl right now. breakfast, skinny legs and a ugly boyfriend, what could possibly be better?

click to make the pictures bigger. cute japanese things always seems to interest me, why? why cant i stop loving japanese things, it is so geeky!
pic from your other left, a very cute lolita blog in swedish.
and she is more geeky than me! HAH!

YSL´s purple/gold platform shoes. i love platform shoes! i always have and always will, i dont care that since everyone is wearing it now it will be un-hot and out soon. i am gonna love it goddamn!

gosh, i want that hair! annie will lend me her sisters waffel-ironer and then i will make my own fluffyness.

takuya angel, a shop in japan/paris that i want to visit. the designer mixes elements of the old japanese style such as kimonos with new ravey-colours and cool plastic things. i love the bright colours! do you think it it too much? haha, that is what insiration is supposed to be! per aspera ad astra. pic from lacarmina.

does anyone have an extra inspiring website/blog/newspaper/mommy/anything? please tell me, it is the best thing i know!

4 kommentarer:

  1. yes alfie heter den, minns att jag mådde så kasst när jag såg den., hon ser så bra ut på alla vis! :(

  2. your sister has got an ~~~~~~~~waffle ironer~~~~~