todays outfit

the day started out fine with brown colours and big hair.
dress: d'ahrling
necklace: borrowed from sister

but after lunch my clothing situation went out of control.
i accidentally soaked my brown dress in water when i was screenprinting shirts in school. which lead to me wearing an ugly blue 80's dress which normally is used as a cover for your clothes when you work with the prints. really really ugly! edvin my classmate laughed forever about the triangleshaped buttons on it.. well.. easily amused.

however, things got worse since my boss had an emergency at the cafe and wanted me to come working.
it came down to me wearing the ugly blue shirt, my light blue unmatching apron with small flowers plus a pair of stadium plastic fliflops since my own shoes had a plateau and was too uncomfy to work in.

i was hideous!
but whatever, i was happy and a lot of people told me the uglyshirt looked good. nice try.
shirt: paintcovershirt from school
shoes: stadium
apron: second hand

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  1. ur fab anyway, what did u think about the clothes from

    xo xo
    niklas chan!