tv tv tv

i just watched the first episode of the swedish christmas-calender on tv, and it is lovely!
i love to get up really early, cuddle in the sofa with my poodle and drink some chai-tea while watching the christmasprogram, i know that it´s for children but whatever, it is wonderful anyway!

tomorrow i am going to watch the classic movie fanny & alexander by ingmar bergman in school. it must be the longest movie i have ever heard of, and i dont quite know if i want to see it. hm.
i can write a fabolous review of it later, i know ya cant wait!

now it´s time for design by simon & thomas!
i love that they have their dogs in the show.

sorry about this boring tv-post.
no, just kidding, im not sorry, serves you right, boring nolifer, go get a life instead of rotting away in front of the computer!

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  1. oj förbered ett stort tålamod :D för har man det då är filmen sjukt nice!