Day 02 – Your first love

when i was like eleven i was in love with a warhammerloving boy with mittbena and black t-shirts every day, his name was axel and we were in the same class, but then i started hating him afterwards. he never found out!! or well i told him when i was drunk a couple of years ago
was it his irresistible warhammercharm? was it my twelveyearold-justgottenmyperiod-hormones? i dont know. but that was the first time i went from loving to hating one person in one week without even knowing him. i havent been in love with anyone since then, i dont fall in love i just get fuckin obsessed. and then i hate. *borderline*

ps. he looks good now though he still is into that warhammershit

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  1. snälla uppdatera mera!! jag gör inget annat än att läsa bloggar och jag orkar inte läsa samma inlägg i evigheters evgheter så pleeeaaaseeeeeeee

    tack på förhand, mvh torsten