sorry, i forgot about my englishblogging.
rain rain rain, staying inside, doing laundry, drawing, reading about the universe and i get so inspired by how tiny and useless we all are compared to the stars, the galaxies. and at the same time, how nothing matters, and that's why everything matters. i matter. but i still wake up crying in the mornings after my dreams, always about disappointing people. why am i still so scared of that? feels like the less i care about people when i'm awake, the more i dream-

3 kommentarer:

  1. Åhhhh! Visa hur du har gjort den frisyren! Med video eller bild tutorial eller nåt! Snälla!

  2. Wow, your drawing is really impressive!
    You are scared of disappointing people because you know how much you matter and you want other people to know that too.
    You matter a lot to me. Kisses.