love your boobs

today i wanted to be a sassy gyaru but no, my make up skills are not really there yet. and also my make up bag consists of magazine gifts, samples and cheap cheap stuff. i have to go shoplifting. and i have to look up more tutorials. they make it looks o simple and end up like dolls but me, i end up like a drag queen. maybe cuz i'm not asian. fun thing: lots of people think i am a man. doesn't matter if i have make up or not, i still get the question. not in real life that often, more on the interwebz. it is quite flattering because i mean hello BOOBS. that obviously means that i had to get fake boobs and that means my own boobs look fake & perfect? hehehe if they only knew what happens when the bra comes off. not so perfect anymore! anyway. have a great day!!! love ur boobs! 

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love my boobs but they're hurting my back :(!
    And OH COME ON people is blind or what? Agnes, I think you're a gorgeous girl, so fuck them off ¬¬

  2. Herregud vad du är tjusig och vacker!!!