now i am back in umeå, the fabulous town in northern of sweden. umeå cant compare any shopping malls to the next biggest one that övik has, but we still have some great things! here is my list of umeåthings.

5. gammlia
touristplace. in the summertime you can pet animals etc.
this is fun: one of my best friends *no names but she lives in belgium* told me that when she was like 12, her family didnt have too much money so instead of going camping she worked there all summer vacation dressed in 19th century farmer clothes. she was stomping milk to make it into butter all days and if you were to step on a treshold or pee in a ring of mushrooms, then you would be doomed because elfs would get you. nice job!

4. ica maxi
here you can buy ice cream and sausages in the little store outside the big store where you can buy even more ice cream and sausages! or why not a fabulous new outfit for cheap?

3. norrlandsoperan
the opera house, my mum sings in the choir and last year they even made carmen! my favourite opera ever. sometimes there are festivals or exhibitions so if you want to feel artsy and rich go there

2. rökhuset at midgårdsskolan
well this house is no more but the blog we made about our time there remains. here you could have so much fun. FUN

1. schmäck
my old work and the best cafe ever because it's not only a cafe but a store too! they have everything you want, especially if you like cake and jewelery. and who doesn't. also the girls working there are damn pretty. so dress up in your finest and go there!

ok no but seriosly if you ever come to umeå which i hope you dont *KIDDING*
then here is a list of stores you have to go to
1. army shopen
old army clothes from sweden, europe, etc. ridicilously low prices. i heard they are closing it down in a year maybe so hurry up. sailor shirts for 80 sek, and fifties hats from the french girl militairez for the same price. next to armyshopen is lekstugan which has a shit load of wigs etc and can order stuff for you if you want!
2. backmans
lots of weird stuff. like school planscher with jesus, stuffed animals and cute umbrellas.
3. kii and schmäck
if you wanna be sassy and fashionable
4. röda korset kupan
if you wanna be sassy and fashionable for a low price
okay i dont have a fifth

every1 who wants to get drunk can rest assured, we have not one, not two, but THREE systembolaget in umeå! if you want to go out when you are drunk you have to hurry up because bars close at 2 at the latest, even on weekends. in fact, only at weekends. in weekdays the close at 11 i think. but that is just good for you, less time to drink alocohol and you can sleep more = good for the body. anyway here:
1. scharinska
where the wild hipsters are. i am so sick of this but in the summers it is nice because outdoors they have lamps, mats, disco and it is free entrance.
2. peppes
they have killed a moose and put it on their wall. lots of old men who hit on you if you look too sassy. no just kidding they hit on everyone there. sometimes they have live bands. ps. look old because they check your id if you look under 25 i guess and then you cant come in at all even if you are legal
3. corona
if you want to dance dance dance with students and be a total pig without anyone caring
4. teatercafeet
expensive drinks and nice brick walls to bang your head in once you are drunk enough
5. hemmafester
find some friends to party with and stay home

so why would i want to go to umeå you ask yourself?
another list:
1. because lots of students and cutlture and stuff! we are so far away from sthlm and all other big cities in sweden so we have to do everything ourselves
2. i have heard that umeå has a great music scene for those interested. i just think there is only punk music and the rest i dont like. i only like eurodisco so i guess i am not the best judge for this.
3. sexy people. look, everyone bikes everywhere and finds all their food in dumpsters because in umeå we have  A LOT of poor students. so they become skinny and fit and also they dress fabulously.
4. its close to umeälven. a nice älv.
5. why is the fifth so hard to come up with........ oh yeah why not come here because in 2014 there will be a big thing, we will be the cultural capital of europe! i have no idea what will happen then but good luck umeå kommun. you sure are spending a LOT of money on building shit all over town to prepare for it.

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