fame and santa

todays outfit: santa is comin!
i worked a couple of hours at the cafe,
since it is the first advent i dressed like this!

dress: made by me
apron: second hand, gift from mummy
hairbow: just a random ribbon tied around my head, really simple and christmasy!

my boss was such a sweetheart today, she even gave me a ride home even though i live in the other end of the town from her.
she is a big inspiration, she really is. she laughed at me though, when i said i had angst about not being famous when i have already reached the noble age of 18. she asked me why i wanted to become famous and i said, to be a brat on stureplan.

made me wonder, why do i want to be famous?
why does anyone want that?
i just want people to look up to me and think i am a beatufiul and very nice person.
unreachable, thats how i want to be.
but would it be fun? when no one can reach you, you cant reach anyone either.
it would be lonely.

poor jodie kidd, nicole and marykate! no wonder they go get anorexia in their lonelyness.
at least they then have ana to talk to. HAH!

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