fly forever fly

song today: my butterfly
i can fly across the sky i spread my wings i feel fine i see my world so blue
and no doubts i'd seel my life for a dream come true
live one day and then i'll die like a butterfly

food today: salad with soy sausages for lunch, a big wok with salmon for dinner.
cigarettes today: ten.. or more, frida was bjuding me!
school today: nine fucking hours and did i do anything useful? NO!
why be useful when you can be happy!
i am only uesfull for sara, she can use me as much as she wants eheheheh ehehehe.

the only reason i go to school is to laugh at the ugly neon-emo-kids and to look good.
here is todays outfit: schoolprincess!
i ahve no pic of it, but i had big black rimmed glasses too. which made me look clever i think.
clothes: H&fuckingM
tiara: glitter
hosiery: beyond retro & ingrids (lovely store in umeå, visit!)
shoes: japan. hard to bike in, but nothing is impossible for me.

and for you whining pussys who want me to stop this english i say:

(or, what do i get for it? money!? i need money....)

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  1. Alltså åh. Älskar bilder på dig från idag. Älskar ju alla bilder på dig, men alltså idag lyckades du verkligen extra bra.