maybe my future work is in medicine? my dad is anyway..

i am at the hospital right now, and i realise that i hate darkside. that damn bdsm-sadomasochistic-internet-community! i could not stop thinking about nurse outfits and gynecologic chairs when my doctor examined me and my weird legs. haha, so embarrasing, he was like 50 years old and there i was, lying on the bench not able to stop my mind from drifting away to kinky sex novels. is this is a common thing, or am i just a pervert?

well. anyway.
i have recieved a lot of anonymous mean comments on my photodiary lately. the thing is, i dont even bother and i wonder why? my entire childhood was filled with comments of that kind, so i think i have developed some kind of protection in my mind against stuff like that.
i think i will faint soon. i go black a lot of the time in my vision and i have to sit down or so.

oh poor bullied agnes come on and comfort meeeeee!

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  1. Men gumman det är normalt att tänka så i din ålder <33 du är friggin fab<3 fan jag saknar dig. Nyår dåjävlar, jag tar med mig tomtebloss som vi kan tända på 12 slaget,

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Serri? Älskarej alltså. Du har alltså typ en medicalfetisch? LOVIN IYT