my favourite websites:

these are my favs, i always check them when i am bored or want to shoot up (skjuta upp) my homework for another hour or two.

apberget - a community for people in north of sweden, we talk about scooters and snus and reindeers, and we love it!

bilddagboken -where you can put up pictures of yourself taken from birds perspective, get comments everyday about ho good you look and say thanks. thats about it. if you want to, you can make your own comments to other peoples photos of themselves, i dont, unless it is me in their pictures.

anamia - lovely pro ana website with tips all from how you drop five kilos in four days by eating grapefruit, to how you can hide food from the dinner plate so people will think you have eaten when you in fact have put it in your big hair. thank god for hairspray!

la carmina - a blog which features everything a japanese lolitalover want! fashion (couture too), interior, clubs, japanese culture, lolitas from all over the world, recipes, very very inspiring!

kristalmetropolis - nikkiboi blogs on about his problems in life / todays outfit.
sounds boring but it is not, because he is completely crazy, i promise.

darkside - a site where you get mails from 45year old men who want to see you pee in a diaper and have sex with you.
it is really entertaining!

narzib - a club/phenomenon in japan. their myspace is often updated with new pictures as inspiration to what to wear on their clubnights. i will probably not go to japan and party with them, but i can still dress as if!

and of course, my blog. i am so happy for your comments, keep it up!

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