z1nk4n at bdb

oh and btw, my advertiesment for my little sisters photosdiary seems to have worked,
she has 88 anonymous bewatchers now. very heilhitler-ish!

well, at least shes got nothin on me, since i passed hte magic number of 250 today.
i don´t get it, why do they look atmy diary? well, maybe it is just because i am the best.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jag bevakar din bdb för att du var otroligt söt och för att du tar en hel del riktigt snygga bilder.

  2. i've got 21 anonymous watchers? where did you get 88 from?!?!

  3. YOU SAID YOU HAD 88!!!!! lyin beyatch

    tack belinda lovely!

  4. Hehe du borde ge mig en shoutout också :( behöver fler bevakisar!

    Great blog btw!