tonight i take the night train to the capital to visit my relatives and friends.
i would most like to travel with myself, and no one else. i can go out and sit in a forest maybe, i dont have to go to tokyo to find myself because i am here with me, and i will never get away from me. maybe i want to? well, no use speculating in that, it is impossible.
and i love myself.
maybe i should write another book about how to love yourself.
it is so hard, but the things to do is really simple.

first: say nice things to yourself every day, write it down if you want to. then you can look at it if you are sad!
second: dont judge! do not even judge yourself if you dont come up with something nice to write down about you. this is the key to understanding, the non-judging part. and it is so hard!
my idea is to do like this: if you think for example " i am the worst person ever", imagine yourself saying it to a friend. you would never do that, right? and ask yourself where the truth is. can you really be the worst person? no! no one is worth less than anyone else, george w bush is just as valuable as my own mother, because we are all humans and we do what we best can do from our own perspective. that i have learned from being non-judging.
and when you realise this, that everyone is actually nice and you are a part of everything, you can find happiness and truly begin to love yourself.

and that was todays leson in pandasoup-philosophy!
any questions?

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  1. aww thnx!! men nu är jag femton haha. du är ju bara 23, gammal skojar du?.. jag längtar lite lite tills jag är 23

  2. En ypperlig livsfilosfi måste jag säga :D

  3. ja det är så jävla värt att vara 23 :) och bo i skåne :) hjihi

    tack ari!

  4. Haha tyvärr (?) är de photoshoppade men jag tycker ändå dom är lovely.
    Här lite om projektet: