newly shaven legs

i am talking to wolfmalin and nymfomaria about shaving my legs. they havent been shavede for a few weeks and now it looks like a little sherwood forest on my knee, where a big hole in my stockings have ripped open.
but robin hood and his forest friends will soon have no home left since i will do what i love most in the world.
1. shave my legs real good, no hairstripes left to irritate me
2. change to new sheets in my bed
3. lay down, gnussa and be happy with myself and my new shaved legs.

haha and 4 i can use my sexthingtoy i got froms ara, it is purple and shaped like a butterfly! i love it cause it reminds me of a song by gabry ponte, LYRICS ARE SOMETHING LIKE THIS, QUITE PRO ANA? damn you caps lock:

every time i close my eyes i can fly across the sky
spread my wings, feel fine see my world so blue
aint no doubt id seal my life
for a dream come true
live one day
i die like a butterfly!

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