wedding time (in english for my overseas fans)

so today my aunt is getting married and the whole släkt took the bus to ö-vik, the city of hockeyfoppa and the jumping hill. and the paradise swimming pool. and the second largest shopping mall in all of norrland! det ni. so i wanted to look really nice today and i put on my fav dress by baby the stars shine bright, it's the princess honeys tea salon print. when suddenly!! i was too fat. i mean i cant breathe. fuck you christmas food. anyway what am a girls upposed to do? i cant go naked to the wedding. so i just threw on a cardigan, making myself a bit more toned down as well. it's hard being pretty and always stealing the show, but come on agnes, not on a wedding. now off to eat some more. goal of the day: tearing my dress to pieces by sheer food power. xoxo whalesoup

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